About Eternal Massage by Saul Barragan

About Eternal Massage by Saul Barragan

Saul Barragan has practiced innovative therapeutic and healing massage for over 10 years. Highly skilled in numerous modalities such as deep tissue, shiatsu, Swedish reflexology, and neuromuscular techniques, he uses light to heavy pressure coupled with range-of-motion techniques for the neck, shoulders, arms and hip flexors.


I have been getting massages from Saul for years. I suffer from occasional sciatica attacks. He knows exactly how to rid me of the pain. I also go to Saul for relaxing, mind numbing massages. Saul is the best in the business

- Pam Lombardini

Salem MA Saul is highly skilled and professional Massage therapist. I suffer from sciatica and some lower spine issues and Saul was very able to not only work with those issues, but to make them better. He is knowledgeable and well-practiced in a variety of techniques and I recommend him very highly.

- Jim Murphy, Rockaway NJ

Located in Middleton serving North Reading and surrounding areas.

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